Along these lines, since the last post I have tuned in to the last scene of “Serial”. On the off chance that regardless you have not tuned in to “Serial” I truly prescribe that you do.  Here is a connection. So now that I have tuned in to a few scenes of “Serial” and done some of my own exploration on Adnan’s case I have my own feeling on his case.

Image result for adnan syed
Adnan Syed

One of the primary reasons that Adnan was indicted Hae Min Lee’s murder was a result of the ‘star observer’s to the wrong doing of Jay Wilds. As I would like to think Jay is a messy “observer” to examine . Leading he isn’t really an observer to the wrongdoing by any stretch of the imagination. He wasn’t there when Hae was executed. He, as indicated by his story, just helped Adnan cover Hae’s body. He is likewise a questionable witness due to his story. Jay had two meetings with the police, each somewhat unique in course of events and area. (In the event that you might want to take a gander at a timetable by means of Adnan’s story, Jay’s stories and mobile phone records (click here). Then at the second trial (first trial has considered a legal blunder) his story is somewhat extraordinary once more. On the off chance that I was a safeguard I would raise the way that Jay’s story has changed so much, and in the event that I was a hearer I would be suspicious about his regularly evolving story. (In the event that you might want to take a gander at a timetable by means of Adnan’s story, Jay’s stories and wireless records click ( here)

Additionally, Adnan was said to have murdered Hae at 2:36, yet Adnan was in the library, having a conversation with Asia McClain around then. Asia kept in touch with Adnan a few times when he was detained about her memory of conversing with him at the library. She was so sure, she even composed a sworn statement expressing this. There is additionally a note that Asia composed while conversing with the prosecutor for Adnan’s situation. She composed that there were additionally plausible excuses soon thereafter when he was at the mosque, in any case they pulled out when they found out about the cell record so called “evidence”.

Image result for Asia’s Notes to Prosecutor
Asia’s letter to Adnan


Further more Adnan’s case has been revived and is having another trial on account of those mobile phone records. A ton of the cell phone records proof depends vigorously on the approaching calls, however a specialist in such things has said that PDA tower pings can be off wring when managing approaching calls and also remember this was 1999 technology wasn’t as advanced as it is now.

Also There is also is new data that a detainee was discharged from imprison 13 days before Hae was murdered .(January 1) This previous detainee was charged thefts in addition to killing young ladies of comparable age and background to Hae.((Asian) Perhaps this individual is associated with the murder?

Presently a few people, including one of the “Serial” makers, Diana says that Adnan would need to be “really really unlucky” for all the allegations against him ; including loaning Jay his mobile phone and car, not having an explanation subsequent to the conversation with Asia, the phone records, and so forth to be only a coincidence. That is valid, there are a couple of sus pious things about Adnan’s story, and his clear memory that happened that day that make me mindful to state he is totally innocent.

Image result for adnan syed
Adnan Syed, Feb. 3rd 2016

In conclusion I will state that given the examination I have done and what I have heard on “Serial” that Adnan Syed is innocent of killing Hae Min Lee. Nonetheless I do trust that Adnan was associated with this wrongdoing somehow, regardless of whether Adnan advised the killer where to discover Hae, or he truly helped Jay cover the body. I imagine that Adnan is innocent from committing the murder, yet is liable of being a piece of the wrongdoing somehow.



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