I listened to an amazing audio recording called ‘The Alibi’ This audio I enjoyed listening to. For an English class, it was another thing to listen to, yet I think it was extremely instructive and educational. When I discovered we needed to listen to an audio recording I wasn’t really excited, yet my brother and I played it out loud in my room and as we were tuned it, it got additionally fascinating and it made my brother and I wanting to listen to more of it. The podcast pulled made me very curious so much that I might want to tune in to more clips to see whether Adnan is blameworthy or not. I liked this since I do appreciate watching murder movies and shows. I am especially into the lawful part of it and learn stuff about this is extremely intriguing towards me.

When I was shown a different  format  , it made me more keen on it. I wondered what the proof resembled, and I  also wondered what the news said. It made me ask significantly more about the case and needed me to keep listening. Instead of reading it I would prefer listening to it because , the tone of the narrator’s voice voice made the video all the more fascinating to watch. All through the audio, Sarah (the narrator)  talked with large portions of Adnan close family and companions to check whether Adnan was liable or not. She appears by doing that she is not naturally blaming him for the murder of Hae, she is basing it off the inquiries she asks in her meeting. Tuning in to the meetings she gave additionally gives me a chance to address is Adnan murdered Hae or not.

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A picture of Adnan and Hae at prom


I believe Hae’s family is profoundly hurt by Serial in light of the fact that the show and the case continues getting popular. The family is continually reminded about the murder, and how she was killed. The family can’t disregard what has occurred without somebody making a show about and individuals along the roads discussing it. The family manages with people discussing the murder as the walk by and furthermore on the grounds that now everybody thinks about what has happened to their little girl and the whole world has their own opinion. And in an article by the Daily mail her family, have issued an emotional statement insisting convicted killer Adnan Syed  ‘destroyed our family’
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3437662/Family-Serial-victim-Hae-Min-Lee-says-convicted-killer-Adnan-Syed-destroyed-family-slams-podcast-s-fans-running-defend-him.html#ixzz4nW7JIozO


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A memory the family made for Hai Lee


If I had the decision of reading the case or tuning in to the audio I would pick the audio. The motivation behind why I would pick it is on the grounds that I don’t think the interviews in the book would be as nitty gritty as they are in the audio, additionally on the grounds that when you tune in to the interview you really can hear the articulation that the individuals being interviewed give. You can likewise tune in to the case as you’re going for a walk or a drive, however reading is required that you have to pay full attention to it and for  example you can’t walk to he store and read but with the audio book you can. In any case, the downside to listening to the sound is it difficult to comprehend the development that is occurring so now and again it can be difficult to comprehend what they are doing, likewise it doesn’t discuss their facial expressions of I think a text would do that.

When I hear how the narrator opens the podcast to me It turns out to be extremely interesting. She asks where somebody is on a specific day to check whether they can recollect the entire day. Above all of them can’t recall that anything and need to set aside a long time to consider it. She specifies that if something important happens or takes place on that day you will have the capacity to recall it all. When she raised this point I came to think she wasn’t right, so then I attempted to recall what I did seven days prior and I could just recollect a next nothing. At that point I began to think what I did toward the start of the week and I couldn’t recall that either. When she talks with her nephew and his friend she asked what they both did around the same time, one offered an explanation to they work, and the other addressed that they both went to go and see this film. This can raise an issue to the case since when the witness is affirmed they either won’t recall what happened a few years after the fact and in the event that they do recollect that they could not be right about it. So the issue I could have about this is the wrong data or insufficient individuals to recollect can put him to prison regardless of the possibility that he had not done anything wrong , or set him free on the off chance that he is not guilty.


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